One of the most atmospheric venues in Bangkok, the lounge and Salon de Thé at The Cabochon seduces seasoned travellers
from the four corners of the world to enjoy its warmth and conviviality. The intimate Library Bar sought-out for its snug sofas
and cosy club chairs is reminiscent of a gentleman’s club from the more decadent colonial days of the Orient.
The perfect place for a tête-à-tête while sharing our signature cocktail or your drink of choice.

Next door the roomier Joy Luck Salon de Thé (the name originating from the mahjong club made famous by Amy Tans evocative novel)
is decorated with opulent antique furniture like vintage Louis Vuitton steamer trunks and old French museum vitrines stuffed with
fascinating curios and intriguing objects. In the late evening the informal salon becomes a meeting place
for those with a discerning palate who enjoy good wine or a fine malt whisky.
The perfect prelude to dinner in the Thai Lao Yeh Restaurant across the hall

From 11:00 am onwards a selection of gourmet premium quality leaf black, green, blended and scented teas from around the world –
especially the Orient are served here daily paired with a choice of tempting dainty delicacies.
An enchanting spot to meet after an afternoons shopping in the nearby malls
or après lunch to sample the exotic tastes of the East surrounded by our own collection of exotica.
We also serve a carefully chosen Western Menu in the Joy Luck Salon de Thé
featuring a small selection of our guests favorite comfort foods.

-Service Hour-

Tuesday-Sunday 11:30- 24:00 hrs. | Happy Hours: 17:00-19:00 hrs.