The Cabochon has begun welcoming long-term stays for all units. You will now have a chance to become a resident at what could be the most charming colonial-style service residency in the heart of Bangkok.

The Cabochon and its Walpole building has been in a rich and well-respected history of reputations, as what many travelers call a unique unparalleled experience while stepping back in time with the comfort and friendly services of the modern era. The Cabochon comes with two services outlets which both offer relaxing and personalized experiences. Whether you unwind yourself at our Joy Luck Club, sipping away our signature Hemingway’s style gin & tonic, or enjoying a food fair through different parts of Thailand and Lao at our Thai Lao Yeh Restaurant. We are sure that you will be proud to call us your ‘home’.

Special Privileges for 2020 Move-In |Contact us for details today!

Please email us at info@cabochonhotel.com for inquires or schedule an appointment for viewing. We will be more than happy to show you what we have been calling ‘home’ since 2013.